No joke. The carbon tax literally funds basket-weaving.

May 17, 2012

From James Paterson

Here’s something you might be surprised to learn your carbon tax dollars were funding: tea ceremonies and basket-weaving. And I’m sure you didn’t know it cost taxpayers this much!

Last week the Gillard government sacrificed a company tax cut for increased welfare handouts. Brand new research from the IPA’s Julie Novak shows why it’s a big problem:

Of course, Julie’s research is nowhere near as insightful as this US government study…of studies. But here’s a cool study: estimating the damage bill to New York City if The Avengers movie actually happened.

Last week we told you about Will Smith’s enthusiasm for higher taxes. It’s comforting to know even Will has his limits.

This may be the biggest Nanny State edition of Hey ever.

The war on free speech continues. New York legislators want to force you to post your home address online if your blog comments ‘offend readers’. You’ll enjoy the irony of this great defence of free speech by Ron Merkel…from 1994. (Read what David Kemp had to say about Merkel in the latest IPA Review). In Defence of Freedom of Speech: From Ancient Greece to Andrew Bolt is an important new book by Chris Berg that will be sent to IPA members free next week. If you’re not a member – sign up here – or place your order for the book here.

Here’s some great reading: Roger Scruton on why the left is so much better at government, and Guy Sorman in the April edition of City Journal on why we must defend creative destruction.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:


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