Ron Paul vs Paul Krugman

May 3, 2012

From John Roskam

This is GOLD. On Bloomberg TV on Monday, Ron Paul debates Paul Krugman on the point of government. It’s 13 minutes long.


Also out on Monday was the US Budget in pictures from the Heritage Foundation. What caught my eye was US Presidents and deficits back to Kennedy – check out Reagan versus Clinton. It will surprise you. (Meanwhile Clinton’s review of the new LBJ biography I’ve told you about from Sunday’s New York Times is here).

It won’t surprise you that McDonald’s is the world’s 4th largest employer. Here’s the top ten – it’s a fascinating snapshot of global power.

What happens when regulations collide? Who gets to live? Environmentally-protected baby salmon or environmentally-protected cormorants who gobble the baby salmon? These are the big issues Oregon is dealing with.

And who gets to drink wine from glasses at a Adelaide festival? No-one!

Thinking, Fast and Slow is a new book by Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman that everybody is talking about. You don’t need to buy it. Just read this review in the Financial Times last year by William Easterly.

Easterly is a bit of a star himself. Here’s Virginia Postrel’s review of his ground-breaking book in the New York Times and here is Easterly turning Martin Luther King’s I have a dream speech into PowerPoint. But that’s not as good as this all-time classic, the Gettysburg Address in PowerPoint.

Finally. What’s happening at the ABC??? First this a few weeks ago on the evils of government regulation of potatoes. Now this amazing interview on Radio National’s Books and Arts Daily on Tuesday with Richard Bean. He wrote the play The Heretic about a climate change sceptic (shock, horror). It’s a very entertaining 18 minute podcast.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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