And what about those media companies the government owns?

June 21, 2012

From John Roskam

The government says when wealthy people buy media companies there are ‘very big implications for our democracy‘. So what are the implications for democracy when the government runs its own media companies?

The IPA crunched the numbers.

Talking about freedom of speech – this blog by a British 9 year old school girl about what she had for lunch got 3 million hits. Until it got banned by the government.

This recap of Eurozone geography from the Adam Smith Institute in the UK last week is hilarious. Niall Ferguson’s Reith Lecture this week is not so. He’s got a great line – ‘If the young knew what was good for them they’d join the Tea Party.’

Or they could move to Poland – this is from last month’s Der Spiegel on a EU country that isn’t a basket case.

The historian, Antony Beevor who the IPA brought to Australia a few years ago isn’t too optimistic about Europe either. This is from the UK Telegraph, and a few weeks ago The Economist reviewed his new book on the Second World War.

Last week The Daily counted the number of Americans killed in Chicago compared to Afghanistan.

The IPA’s Tim Wilson is in Rio with 50,000 other people who are also saving the planet. He reported from Rio on Lateline on Tuesday night and in The Australian Financial Review today.

No wonder Tim’s got top billing at the Intelligence Squared debate ‘Foreign Aid is a Waste of Money’ in Melbourne 4 July. Details here and we’ve got free tickets to give away – if you want one email [email protected].

Before you buy the new Hilary Mantel book read these 3000 words from this month’s Standpoint on how she’s wrong about Thomas Cromwell.

There are still some tickets available for The Real Story of Climate Change and the IPCC with Donna Laframboise. Book for Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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