Three really bad things happened in Canberra this week

June 28, 2012

From James Paterson

Turns out Greens voters don’t hate the mining industry as much as you might have thought:

That’s from our Galaxy poll released this week that also shows 69% of Australians think the mining industry is more responsible for our strong economy than the Gillard government.

Three really bad things happened in Canberra this week:

When parliaments are passing 7,000 pages of legislation every year, there’s bound to be a lot of dumb laws. Here’s our favourite recent example, sent in by a Hey reader: in New South Wales it is a criminal offence to release more than 20 balloons at once!

This story from Canada is simply amazing. It’s a tale of how difficult it is to reform government, and it features phrases like ‘a Sub-Committee for Initial Triage’.

Just when you thought the EU couldn’t be lampooned any more, comes this declaration: if you get sick on holiday, your employer must give you another one. While you’re scratching your head at that, watch this bizarre EU-funded ad designed to encourage women to study science – I promise it is not a hoax.

Here’s some fascinating long reading. What the war on drugs is doing to Mexico, from the July edition of The New Yorker, and Reason magazine on how the libertarian legal movement might just bring down Obamacare. And this is pretty cool – artefacts from the Roman Empire were just found in a 5th century Japanese tomb.

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Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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