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July 12, 2012

From James Paterson

In May we told you about the most ridiculous government-funded websites. Well, we’ve found another one that might just take the cake:

It’s chock full of handy-hints like these:

This week the Press Council announced the members of its panel that will tell journalists how to do their jobs. It doesn’t include a single journalist or editor, but two former politicians and a current political staffer. Press Council chief Julian Disney is currently lobbying the government to force media companies to sign up to his organisation. Chris Berg explains why it is a terrible idea.

And last Friday in the Australian Financial Review John Roskam dared to suggest the ABC was crowding out its private competitors. This ABC fan did not appreciate it one bit!

On their own, farm subsidies are bad enough. But they’re particularly wasteful when they go to people who aren’t farming the crops they’re being paid for, or indeed aren’t farming at all.

And this is one for the scrap-books: George Monbiot admits he and his fellow environmentalists were wrong about peak oil.

If you were planning on building an exact replica of Fred Flintstone’s car, then forget about using it for your road trip in Germany.

Here’s a nice long read – the August edition of Vanity Fair has Christopher Hitchens’ introduction to the upcoming publication of George Orwell’s diaries.

This month Connor Court Publishing is releasing Educating Your Children: It’s not rocket science by Dr Kevin Donnelly. You can RSVP for the Melbourne launch on Tuesday 31 July here.

Many Hey subscribers enjoyed this recent video on free speech from Melbourne filmmaker Topher. He’s currently fundraising for the sequels on taxes and government bureaucracy – click here if you would like to support him.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:


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