The joke’s on us…

July 5, 2012

From James Paterson

The government likes to boast that they’ve ‘overcompensated‘ average households for the carbon tax. New research released by the IPA’s Tim Wilson this week shows that won’t last for long. Read Tim’s article in The Australian on Tuesday or download the full report here.

Last week we had a good laugh about the European Union giving people extra holidays if they got sick whilst on leave. As many Hey readers told us, turns out the joke is on us: check out section 89 (2) of our very own Fair Work Act.

We also told you about the massive grab for power by the federal government following the High Court’s chaplains decision. Legislation like this is exactly why the IPA has just launched our new Rule of Law Unit. Research Fellow Simon Breheny explains why it matters in the Sydney Morning Herald today.

And we think you will like this amusing video from Malcolm Turnbull that also makes a powerful point about media regulation. If you haven’t yet joined the IPA’s Press Freedom Campaign, you can do so here.

I enjoyed this from the New York Times recently on why political scientists are lousy forecasters and shouldn’t be subsidised – from a political scientist! It must be the time for great articles in the NYT, because this piece on how an almost fully-privatised local government works is great too.

The US Supreme Court found Obamacare constitutional last week. Some argue there is a silver-lining. Mark Steyn, for one, isn’t buying it. And this is an excellent list from Reason on the 5 most unlibertarian Supreme Court rulings ever.

And the US government seems intent on destroying childhood fantasies. A few weeks ago they told us there was no such thing as zombies. Now they tell us mermaids aren’t real either?!

This is a fascinating long read from Wired magazine last month, on how millions of taxpayers’ dollars are spent to make Olympic athletes “one one-hundredth of a second faster”. And this is what you call an ambitious graph: the economic history of the world since Jesus.

Our guest Donna Laframboise has landed and spoke to Alan Jones on 2GB this morning about the carbon tax and the IPCC. Donna’s talks in Melbourne and Sydney are now sold out, but you can still book to see her in Brisbane on 12 July and Perth on 15 July.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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