The New York Times thinks you’re stupid

July 26, 2012

From James Paterson

The Washington Post recently listed 14 reasons why the current US Congress is the worst ever. The list says more about the Post than it does about the Congress – their number one complaint is that Congress is not passing enough laws!

If only our parliament had the same problem, as this new video from Chris Berg explains:

The video launched the IPA’s brand new FreedomWatch program on threats to freedom of speech and personal liberty. Read more about it here.

On Monday 6th August Opposition Leader Tony Abbott will address the IPA on freedom of speech in Sydney. Click here to book your tickets.

How many times have you heard that the government invented the internet? Well – surprise, surprise – it turns out they didn’t.

For-profit schooling is transforming education in Sweden, according to The Economist. It’s a shame The Economist’s enthusiasm for the free market isn’t always on show.

Donna Laframboise has now left Australia after a fantastic tour through Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. The video of Donna’s full presentation is now online for those of you who missed seeing her live, or those who want to share her speech with your friends. Oh, and if you watch that and agree with Donna then The New York Times thinks it is because you are stupid.

This is an amazing and amusing list: ‘The 5 Stupidest Things Ever Done With Borders’. And lovers of books and architecture will enjoy these stunning photos of Europe’s most beautiful libraries.

Lastly, if you’re looking for something long to read, then try this article from last week’s Businessweek on why Estonia proves Paul Krugman is wrong about stimulus spending.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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