Lucky Tim Flannery isn’t Dutch

August 23, 2012

From James Paterson

Question: how do you know when a government has too many bureaucrats and too much money? Answer: when they start looking for mythical creatures. Once the Victorian government has discovered big cats, maybe then they can start looking for the Bunyip or the Drop bear.

But at least they don’t employ any horseshoers like the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (as far as we know).

This week everyone is talking about Niall Ferguson’s anti-Obama cover story from Newsweek. Many on the left did not appreciate it. Ferguson fired back. Niall is good, but he didn’t quite make this great list of the top 10 conservative commentators.

In the last edition of the IPA Review we ranked the top 20 pro-freedom films. Readers felt we missed a few! Here’s the five most popular suggestions, published in the current issue.

This article on Slate has to be read to be believed: “Let’s Nationalize Facebook“. What’s next, nationalising Hey? Of course, governments only buy things that are about to die, as Michael Wolff predicts of Facebook.

Here’s something that will probably surprise you (or not): Australia’s banks are worth more than all of Europe’s, combined. Check out the amazing graphs from The Atlantic last week.

The federal government is currently considering sweeping new national security powers. Click here to read the IPA’s submission on why the proposed new laws are unnecessary and excessive.

And how’s this for draconian? The Netherlands wants to fine people for faulty weather forecasts. Lucky Tim Flannery isn’t Dutch.

Finally, a great long piece from the September issue of Wired by Matt Ridley, on why the world is not about to end, and why there’s no need to worry about the future. And this recent profile on the rise and fall of Bo Xilai in the Financial Times magazine is a fascinating insight into the Chinese Communist Party.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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