Whales and Olympics edition

August 2, 2012

From John Roskam

Maybe Australia would win more Olympic medals if taxpayer funding was cut.

And of course you knew the problems of the Euro are all because Athens had the Olympics in 2004.

Rowan Atkinson’s brother said the opening ceremony had “strong strands of the parochial Left“. (No! – really?) Boris Johnson didn’t think so.

Two gadgety sites on the Olympics are this from Slate on how Usain Bolt would have gone in 1896, and this interactive map from The Economist on countries at the Olympics. And the best website on the science of the Olympics is from South Africa The Science of Sport.

What have we learned from the Olympics so far? Britain isn’t a Nanny State – it’s a Police State. Read about this 17 year-old being arrested in his home at 2:45am for sending offensive tweets. Here’s what the IPA thinks about it from our FreedomWatch site.

Tuesday was Milton Friedman’s 100th birthday. Celebrate by watching Niall Ferguson’s great 12 minute tribute last month from the Centre for Policy Studies in London and reading this from Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal.

What is it about whales? George Will in last weekend’s Washington Post had the incredible story of Nancy Black and a humpback whale. Meanwhile in Warrnambool in Victoria as Andrew Bolt explains children face $32,000 fines for whale-related indiscretions.

From the New York Times last month – this is the industrial dispute everyone in the US is talking about. The terms might be a bit of a shock for Australian unions!

This month’s Vanity Fair has an excellent 7,700 word article on how Apple has leapfrogged Microsoft. In 2000 Microsoft was worth $510 billion and Apple $4.8 billion. Now it’s $249 billion versus $541 billion.    

If you’re in Melbourne you should get along to the launch of MyChoice Australia featuring an address from the IPA’s Tim Wilson. And the IPA’s James Paterson will be a panel member on the Economics Students Society of Australia Q&A style event. (Go to support James – he’ll be outnumbered!) RSVP here.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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