Usain Bolt…freedom fighter

August 16, 2012

From James Paterson

Turns out Usain Bolt is not just the fastest man alive. He’s also a freedom fighter.

Two weeks ago we told you taxpayers weren’t likely to get value for money at the Olympics. Now the games are over, the chart doesn’t look much better. But there is one country in the world with no national sport funding and no national minister for sport. They did ok in the medal tally.

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales once said he got 10 emails per week from students who failed because they cited his website in their essays. Of course, that doesn’t stop academics themselves from relying very heavily on it, as these 985 articles on The Conversation show. This graph, sent in by an IPA member, suggests they should be more cautious:

(And if you don’t know who Optimus Prime is, here’s his Wikipedia entry, complete with 187 references.)

The IPA Review is out this week. Here’s a sneak preview of the front cover. And here’s Christian Kerr’s timely piece on why the Nanny State is bad politics and bad policy.

On Saturday Mitt Romney picked Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate. Dan Hannan’s happy. So is Mark Steyn. This great long profile in the Weekly Standard explains how he masterminded the intellectual takeover of the Republican Party. Free Beacon lists his five best speeches. But this satirical article from The Onion probably introduces him best.

If you’re still looking for some good long reads, this piece from the current issue of Foreign Policy on why travel writers love dictators is fascinating. So is John Taylor’s speech, published in the City Journal on why Hayek still matters.

If you’re in Sydney you should try to get along to this Spectator Australia debate, Kevin Rudd must lead Labor featuring Janet Albrechtsen and Mark Latham.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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