Don’t call me the A-word

November 22, 2012

From James Paterson

This week the Attorney General Nicola Roxon unveiled new draft anti-discrimination laws. They are terrible for two reasons: they overturn the onus of proof, and they restrict free speech. In this short videothe IPA’s Simon Breheny explains the changes:

If you don’t want us to end up like Britain (where it is now racist to call someone “Australian”) or India (where their press council chairman said they “must crush freedom of press”) or America (where they now have “free speech zones” on some university campuses) then please consider joining the IPA or donating to our ongoing Freedom of Speech Fighting Fund.

This has to be a first: a health and safety message that isn’t completely crap, from Metro Trains. Mumbrella explains how it got 14 million views in one week. Personally I put it down to the privatisation of Victoria’s train network.

Here’s the video you’ve always wanted to send your anti-capitalist friend. It’s by the great team at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and it is based on Leonard Read’s famous essay, ‘I, Pencil’.

If that doesn’t work, send them this great rant by Judge Judy on entitlements. It’s terrific.

You’ve no doubt always wondered which Bond villain plots would actually work in real life. Wonder no longer. And this could be out of a Bond movie: the secret service destroys all traces of the President’s DNA to prevent foreign spy agencies from collecting his biological data.

As we approach Christmas you must be wondering what to buy the free-marketeer in your life. If they’re not already an IPA member you should buy them a gift membership. If they are, then try this great list of the best books in liberalism published in 2012, compiled by the IPA’s Julie Novak.

If you’re in Melbourne on Monday you might like to attend this event with the author of Little Green Lies, Jeff Bennett, hosted by Connor Court.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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