The stimulus that didn’t stimulate

November 2, 2012

From James Paterson

A few months ago we told you the federal parliament passes around 7,000 pages of law every single year. But how much legislation in total is on the books in Australia? Chris Berg has the answer:

Only a federal government that brought in a massive new tax which raised no revenue could also design an expensive stimulus program that only increased average household spending by $1. The evidence is in on Kevin Rudd’s $900 cash-handouts, and it is nothing to boast about.

The latest IPA Review is out this week. After the big response to our 75 radical ideas for Tony Abbott in the last edition, we’ve added 25 more! And we’ve calculated some of the savings from implementing them.

Overnight in Britain David Cameron suffered a humiliating defeat over how much money his government gives to the EU. The Spectator has the background story of how the rebel Conservative MPs engineered their coup. Perhaps they would change their mind if forced to watch this wacky pro-EU propaganda music video.

The man who might replace Cameron, Boris Johnson, is doing a great job unofficially campaigning to the Tory base – check out this terrific defence of free speech against media regulation in The Telegraph this week.

Over the last week in the US everyone has been talking about this creepy new Obama campaign ad. Steve Kates on Quadrant Online thinks they got the idea from Australia.

Last week we told you Republicans were more informed than Democrats. But do Obama supporters even know about his own policies? This amusing video suggests the answer is: nup.

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And if you’re in Brisbane you might be interested in attending ‘IR Changes in Queensland‘ – a briefing with the HR Nicholls Society on 21 November.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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