Things you can’t say in the office…

February 28, 2013

From James Paterson

This week in America everyone’s talking about the ‘sequester‘ – enforced spending cuts that President Obama says would be a “huge blow to middle class families” and his staff say would be “devastating“. The Cato Institute helpfully puts the cuts in context, and as this excellent chart from the Mercatus Center shows, government spending will still massively increase even after the sequester.

Personally, I’ll believe the US government is serious about reducing spending when they stop funding projects like this. But then again, at least they didn’t drop $100,000 on painting a pedestrian crossing, like Sydney City Council.

And if you think that’s silly, what about this list of things governments are banning?:

Spare a thought for North Koreans. It was bad enough already that it’s illegal to leave, as this powerful essay in the National Geographic in 2009 captured, and that thousands are locked in gulags. But now they can’t even choose their own haircuts.

We’ve already told you how dangerous the Gillard government’s proposed anti-discrimination law could be. But we’re not as creative as the team at Swaab Attorneys. Here’s their helpful list of things you can’t say in the office. We might be violating the new law just by including that link!

This week’s long read is again from the excellent City Journal, on why Washington D.C. is fast becoming America’s second city because of big government.

And finally, make sure you watch this great new video from Topher on the true cost of taxes (you’ll remember Topher from his important video on free speech last year).

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:


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