70 years of fighting for freedom

April 5, 2013

From James Paterson

Some people never learn. You will not believe what the Obama administration is planning to do to “boost” the US economy.

And some things never change – here’s a great list of warnings about the Nanny State…from 1919. But even they never could have imagined that one day people would be banned from saying ‘bingo’.

It’s no secret we’re not the biggest fans of David Cameron here at the IPA. But credit where credit is due – this is an astonishing reform.

Last night the IPA celebrated our 70th Anniversary with Rupert Murdoch and many other special guests in Melbourne. Here’s an extract from his important and philosophical speech. (We’ll have the full video next week). And here’s some photos from the night.

As you might have heard, we had some unexpected guests. This is what they did to Lord Mayor Robert Doyle’s car. But really we should be thanking the protestors. They helped us raise much more than we expected for the IPA. And all the media coverage they helped generate this morning has prompted dozens of new members to sign up online!

This is the short video we screened last night featuring Dr David Kemp explaining why the IPA was founded in 1943, and why we are needed now more than ever:

If you’re in Melbourne next Thursday make sure you get along to the Sir Paul Hasluck Foundation lecture with General Peter Cosgrove. Details and RSVP here.

The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance is launching a new course in economics for young people in Sydney – apply here. And the HR Nicholls Society is seeking a part time administrator – details here.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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