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May 2, 2013

From James Paterson

This morning we discovered both sides of politics think it’s impossible to cut the federal budget by 1% to fund part of the NDIS. They all want tax increases instead. We think cutting the budget is not that hard. Here’s the IPA’s $27 billion worth of cuts.

This week in Washington D.C. was the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner. President Obama’s speech was pretty funny. I’m amazed George W. Bush’s advisers allowed him to do this at the 2006 dinner. But neither of them are as funny as this classic video featuring Ronald Reagan (he doesn’t even say a word).

Last week there was no Hey due to Anzac Day. Read this wonderful article by Geoffrey Blainey on those who can’t help but find fault with recognising the contribution of our fallen soldiers. And come along on Monday 13 May in Melbourne when Professor Blainey helps launch an important new book by Nick Cater. Nick’s performance on Q&A this week is a must watch, and Tony Abbott’s review of his book for the Spectator Australia is a fascinating read.

It’s been a big week for dumb decisions by governments. Language police in Canada are investigating Italian restaurants for using the word ‘pasta’. Teachers in the UK are being banned from using red ink. Our very own Queensland government might have accidentally banned chocolate. And Democrats in Congress reckon climate change causes prostitution.

Two great long reads this week. The New York Times magazine has an incredible article on academic fraud – it turns out the academic ‘star’ who discovered eating meat made you more selfish actually just made it all up. And the Spring edition of City Journal explains how David Cameron has killed the UK’s economic recovery. (In his defence his government has done some good things lately).

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:


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