Why Europe is stuffed

May 30, 2013

From James Paterson

After reading this story I’ve called it once and for all – Europe is STUFFED! Of course this follows the EU plan to ban the scourge of olive oil fraud. Then again maybe it’s not all bad – this is some rare good sense, from a French central banker no less. Perhaps he was inspired by the Chinese Communist Party.

But then again the UK is in pretty bad shape too: you can’t even roll a huge wheel of cheese down a hill anymore. Or unfurl a banner at a sporting match. Oh and UK police are raiding people’s homes at 3am to arrest them over offensive Tweets and Facebook posts.

But at least there’s some good news from Canberra this week. The terrible deal to give political parties $41 million more of your money (apparently to bail out the ALP) has been withdrawn. (Here’s our email to IPA supporters yesterday criticising the proposal).

Unfortunately, both major parties are backing a referendum to allow the federal government to take over local councils. As we’ve been saying in Hey over the last fortnight, we think it is a dangerous change. We’ve produced this one page factsheet which explains exactly why it should be rejected – please share it with your friends.

This article from Douglas Murray in the Wall Street Journal is the best you’ll read on the Woolwich attack. And this piece, also in the WSJ, is a great primer on where the IRS scandal really began.

The HR Nicholls Society’s 2013 conference ‘Unions in Control’ will be in Melbourne on 8 July – bookings here. And if you missed Nick Cater’s book launch at the IPA (videos here) then you might like to hear him speak next week at the Wheeler Centre.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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