Civil libertarian extremists

June 20, 2013

From John Roskam

If the Gillard government’s change to the constitution is just ‘housekeeping’ and ‘common sense’ and ‘moderate’ why does it need to spend 20 times as much money promoting the ‘Yes’ case as the ‘No’ case?

Because of the IPA! Literally. Here’s what the minister, Anthony Albanese said on ABC radio on Tuesday.

The government and the opposition are as bad as each other.

At least Albanese didn’t accuse the IPA of having a ‘one-eyed view of extreme civil liberties’ on government surveillance. He left that to his colleague Michael Danby MP.

This from me in The Australian Financial Review last Friday and this from Chris Berg in The Sunday Age is what gets Danby so upset.

Yep – we’re guilty – like all those other civil libertarian extremists who think the NSA revelations in America are a scandal – George Will in The Washington Post last Wednesday, Peggy Noonan in The Wall Street Journal on Friday, and of course Mark Steyn in the National Review Online also last Friday.

On the funny side this 2.47 minute music video from ReasonTV on the NSA is pretty good – and quite catchy too.

Here’s a fascinating 5,000 word piece on Rand Paul from this week’s New Republic. According to this great piece via Real Clear Politics Paul’s foreign policy is like Robb Stark’s in Game of Thrones. If you like GofT read the whole thing.

When government officials come out with things like ‘We want to prove that we are, in fact, smarter than the dinosaurs’ you’ve got to worry.

Maybe NASA could tell us who’d win a fight between a bear and a shark – the answer will shock you.

Helen Hughes, one of Australia’s great economists has died. This is a fitting tribute by the IPA’s Julie Novak on The Catallaxy Files.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:


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