We don’t condone heroics…or swapping footy cards

June 6, 2013

From John Roskam

Here’s proof the Eureka Stockade – the only anti-government riot in Australian history – failed.

It’s from the new research paper by the IPA’s Dr Julie Novak on how government has got so big.

There’s nothing like shielding school children from the realities of life. Which is why Southmoor Primary School in Melbourne has banned the trading of football cards. Apparently students are getting ‘distressed’. Instead students will do ‘games’. (Presumably those games won’t be competitive – just in case, you know, someone loses and gets ‘distressed’.)

Here’s another great school story. In Canada they don’t ‘condone heroics‘.

Talking of heroics…this has to be the best excuse ever for the police not charging someone – ‘We took into account that he saved the boy’s life’.

If you like Game of Thrones you’ll enjoy this 5.22 min video from Reason TV last week on the economics in the show.

If you hate cyclists you’ll enjoy this 4.59 min video from Mary Kissel on WSJ Live last week about the totalitarianism of bike-sharing schemes.

If you haven’t heard of the new Kevin Spacey TV political thriller House of Cards you soon will. This is the great 2.29 min trailer (it’s had 1.6 million hits). This is Graeme Blundell’s review of it in The Australian last month. Then watch the 6.29 min spoof video of it shown at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner back in April.

Looks like ABC Management got to B1 and B2 before I could. You’ll remember this advertisement last month from our friends at GetUp after this article (and its 617 comments!) in The Age where I talked about selling the ABC.

This morning we found out the ABC had pressed the blend button.

If you’re one of the IPA’s 3,346 members you would already have got your latest edition of the IPA Review in the mail. If you’re not a member you’re missing out on pieces like this great review by Richard Allsop of two new books on the history of the UK in the 1970s covering Thatcher, football hooliganism, and The Clash.

You’ve seen the IPA’s Factsheet on how bad the local government referendum is. Here’s the website on why Canberra shouldn’t run local councils – www.nopowergrab.com.au.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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