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August 8, 2013

From Peter Gregory

Kevin Rudd wants the facts on Australia’s debt. Here’s one for him – it’s growing faster than every other OECD country but two (those bastions of fiscal responsibility, Slovenia and Spain).

These graphs from The Washington Post are all you need to know about America’s economic “recovery”. And by the way the new owner of The Washington Post, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, hates tax. (Here is a fascinating long piece on Amazon and its founder from Forbes in 2012).

Remember when Julia Gillard said she wanted Australia to have one of the top 5 education systems in the world? On Monday, The Wall St Journal explained how they do it in South Korea – meet the $4 million rock star teacher. Imagine an Australian teacher saying, “the harder I work, the more I make!”

Lo and behold, Scotland is taking a different approach to South Korea to helping children prepare for their future. They want a social worker for every single child.

If you want to hear something really sad, this will break your heart – last month the US government killed bambi (actually, the deer’s name was Giggles) and a girl was kicked off a campsite by an armed policeman for kissing a boy.

In fact, the American state has been busy! Last month a girl was handcuffed, strip-searched and locked up for not paying a traffic infringement notice on time.

Here is some good news: the government’s ludicrous local government referendum has been put on ice (due in no small part to the IPA’s leadership and viral video on the issue).

And, as noted by our friends at The New Zealand Initiative, even though Che Guevara murdered dissidents and presided over mass book burnings, the UN have honoured his contribution to literature…of course they have.

Our friends at Cato published the IPA’s Chris Berg’s piece, ‘Why Capitalism is Awesome‘, which has since been picked up in the US by Cafe Hayek and EconLog.

Finally, if you’re in Brisbane on Thursday September 5, come along to the IPA’s launch of Bob Carter’s new book, Taxing Air: Facts and Fallacies about Climate Change. Proceedings begin at 5pm at the Hilton Brisbane, 190 Elizabeth St. Call Sarah Duncan on 03 9600 4744 to RSVP (entry is free for IPA members and $20 for non-members).

If you’ve read this edition of Hey all the way to the end you’ll see that I wrote it, not James Paterson, who is away at a conference. If you ever have any ideas for future Heys please drop me an email.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:


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