The best solution to big government ever

September 5, 2013

From Peter Gregory

One of the true icons of free market economics left us this week. This is a wonderful obituary of Ronald Coase from the Financial Times. And this video of him describing his groundbreaking ideas is terrific. But I enjoyed the story of him being kicked out of the University of Virginia for being too free market the best!

Here’s an IPA victory that would’ve impressed Coase – George Brandis has mooted a freedom commissioner for the Australian Human Rights Commission (as talked about by the IPA). And Janet Albrechtsen’s piece in The Australian yesterday on this is just excellent ($).

But THIS is the ultimate solution to big government – an Alaskan town has elected a cat as mayor! At least a cat would never come up with this.

This story a few weeks ago in The Huffington Post about the standard exam taken by 13 year-olds in 1912 has taken the world by storm. Take the exam yourself here.

In fairness to our current students it’s little wonder education standards are falling, with ideas like this. And when there are absurd moves to protect them from the evils of alcohol companies…tweeting.

But this is what young people should be shown in school – a fantastic video about the true cost of climate change policies from young Melbourne filmmaker Topher Field.

The IPA’s Tim Wilson has co-edited an important new book: Turning Left or Right: Values in Modern Politics published by our friends at Connor Court (Christmas is coming up…).

And next week the IPA is holding events as part of our freedom of speech tour across the nation. There are still a few tickets left to see Nick Cater in Perth on September 11 and Adelaide on September 12. And Janet Albrechtsen will be joining us in Sydney on September 24.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:


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