You can’t be serious? Don’t sue me

September 12, 2013

From John Roskam

My favourite policy from the federal election was from the Greens – of course! $3 million so people could do things like this on the footpath. Click the video and go to the 2:33 min mark – it’s hilarious.

Be warned! Don’t say – ‘you can’t be serious, that’s so immature’. You could be sued for defamation by a Greens senator.

Here’s some of the best election opinion pieces – Tom Switzer in the Wall Street Journal, Gerard Henderson in The Sydney Morning Herald, Melanie Phillips in the UK’s Daily Mail, Mark Steyn at The National Review, and Dan Hannan at The Telegraph (who’s that man between Steyn and Hannan?)

And Andrew Bolt has this great summary of all those who said Abbott would never make it.

Tony Abbott could be the new Daryl Somers – or Ken Done. The original ads from the 1980s arehere and here. But nothing beats Swan Lager’s Bicentennial ad.

The other day voters had a choice between ‘red-green government or a new government with new ideas and new solutions’. Sound familiar? Norway had an election too. Guess who won.

This is a great piece from yesterday’s Washington Post – ‘What if a typical family spent like the federal government?’ which follows from this report by our friends at the Heritage Foundation.

If you’ve seen that the Dow Jones industrial index was changed this week and have no idea what it means – this is a good explanation. And this is a fascinating paper on how the Dow has changed since 1884.

If you’re in Adelaide tonight come to the IPA’s Freedom of Speech Tour with Nick Cater and Chris Berg and Simon Breheny – book here.

And if you’re in Perth there’s this great conference in a few weeks at St Augustine’s College – ‘Faith and Freedom’ – details here.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:


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