Guardian: let’s smash capitalism with video games

December 12, 2013

From James Paterson

There’s lots of reasons Holden is leaving Australia – Business Insider lists ten. But as the IPA’s Dr Alan Moran explains in the Australian Financial Review today, unions deserve their fair share of the blame. It’s something the IPA’s John Lloyd warned about a year ago in this report.

I’ll believe the South Australian government is serious about the problems it faces the day it ceases funding ridiculous programs like this: apparently computer games will turn kids into gambling addicts. Next someone will argue games will bring down society as we know it! Oh wait, The Guardianalready has (and they’re in favour of it).

This is in the running for the best op-ed of 2013 – by James Morrow in The Daily Telegraph today – there are some things that just should not be home delivered! But that’s not as bad as this latest ideafrom the Greens – “hey, let’s just ban all new supermarkets”, that’ll fix all that overeating…

The IPA’s Tim Wilson has a new report out today on how the obsessions of public health are leading to extremely paternalist policy making, as he argued in this article for The Australian this morning.

Stop the presses – even The Canberra Times feels compelled to admit the public service is loaded with underperformers. On the bright side, our bureaucrats are at least more tech-savvy than their US counterparts.

This week’s edition of The Weekly Standard has two great articles: on the 240th birthday of the Tea Party, and this from P.J. O’Rourke on plain packaging.

Last week the IPA launched a new regular update on the science and economics of climate change, written by Dr Alan Moran. You can read the first edition, and sign up for free to receive the next one, here.

The IPA is now gratefully accepting donations to our 2013 Christmas Appeal – click here if you would like to support freedom this Christmas. Donating to the IPA is safer than this act of Christmas generosity.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:


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