I feel more free already

December 19, 2013

From John Roskam

Do you feel more free?…I know I do.

It’s all thanks to the IPA’s Tim Wilson who on Tuesday was announced as the next Human Rights Commissioner.

Here’s the IPA’s press release celebrating Tim’s appointment. And here’s some classic Tim Wilson from the ABC’s The Drum in February telling one of his soon-to-be-colleagues how hopeless the Human Rights Commission has been on freedom of speech.

How can anyone not be excited about a former IPA employee being paid by the government to fight for freedom? The organisers of the ‘National Day of Hating Tim Wilson‘ aren’t happy. But you’ll be pleased to know they’re outnumbered by the ‘Tim Wilson Appreciation Day‘ organisers.

I’m looking forward to Tim’s tweets from the Commission. Some of my favourite recent tweets from Commissioners include Elizabeth Broderick on Tuesday telling us how she’s just come back from promoting gender equality in Japan, and the President Gillian Triggs talking about the Commission’s Awards night at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney hosted by The Chaser’s Craig Reucassel. Phew! – given what Craig said about me it’s lucky I wasn’t appointed to the Commission.

Andrew Bolt’s blog post on Tuesday on the reaction to Tim’s appointment sums it all up brilliantly and is unmissable.

Also unmissable is this video – ‘Deck the Halls with Macro Follies‘ already watched by 214,163 people.


In the spirit of the goodwill of the season what can be better than the IPA celebrating yesterday with Unions NSW and the Wilderness Society in the defeat of the NSW government ban on political donations? Here’s our press release on it and here’s the IPA’s Chris Berg on ABC TV News last night.

This is the last Hey of the year. We’ve sent out 1,024,646 individual Hey emails to the 22,246 of you that receive it.

The three most popular Hey stories of the year were:

The three stories in which you had no interest in whatsoever were:

My personal favourite was Conrad Black’s magnificent obituary of Margaret Thatcher in the National Review Online in April.

The IPA’s Annual Report was released this week. If you’d like to read about all the things the IPA did for freedom during the year click here. And Hey will be back next year.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:


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