It’s my street party…and I’ll wait 6 weeks if I want to

December 5, 2013

From Peter Gregory

Andrew Leigh MP, one of the two federal MPs for Canberra, sent this tweet last Saturday:

Of course, FreedomWatch takes everything Dr Leigh says very seriously, so we looked into throwing our own street party in Canberra.

We’re sure that once residents read the 14 page ACT Special Events Handbook, wait six weeks for approval, notify the media, present a risk management plan, a contingency plan, a temporary traffic management plan, and pay for at least $2000 of public liability insurance, the streets of Canberra will be heaving with drunken, brown cardigan-wearing public servants.

The IPA has been saying for years that governments are killing community events. In 2007 in The Age John Roskam wrote about the children’s after-school sports program in a housing commission estate in Melbourne that was shut down by the government. And in 2008 in The IPA Review Chris Murn described how the City of Stonnington in Melbourne made event organisers wear fluoro jackets, carry maps and have sunscreen on hand in case it was sunny.

But at least Leigh’s constituents don’t live in Queensland. On Tuesday, the Police Minister there, Jack Dempsey, told the IPA’s Chris Berg that he wants to punish gatecrashers…by punishing those whoseparties are crashed – scroll to page 2.

(FreedomWatch has even more on the war on partying.)

If you haven’t yet read the letter Joe Hockey sent yesterday to Greens Leader Christine Milne about how there should be NO LIMIT to how deep the government can go into debt – here it is. It’s also reassuring to know (on page 3) the Abbott government will negotiate with the Greens about what goes into Treasury Department reports.

There have been a number of terrific speeches in the last few weeks. Mrs Gina Rinehart gave a fantastic address to the Small Business Association in Brisbane about the value of entrepreneurs.Professor Wolfgang Kasper spoke in Kuala Lumpur on the moral underpinning of effective economic and legal institutions. And Boris Johnson gave a wonderful speech in London in honour of Margaret Thatcher.

(He insists he wasn’t blaming poor people for being stupid.)

Last week James Paterson called for the ABC to be privatised…on the ABC. John Roskam did the same in his powerful Fin column. But what about the BBC, asks Tim Congdon in this month’sStandpoint?

And this, from Rod Liddle in this week’s UK Spectator, explains how this, from Nick Cohen’sSpectator blog on Tuesday, can happen.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:


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