History’s greatest achievement

January 23, 2014

From John Roskam

Next time you’re asked – ‘what have free trade and globalisation ever done for anyone?’ – you can show this graph. It’s from the American Enterprise Institute on New Year’s Eve.

Somehow to Oxfam this looks like a ‘winner-takes-all-system’. Their new report calling for more regulation and higher taxes got lots of publicity on the ABC this week – but nowhere was there any mention of poverty actually going down.

This is the most ridiculous thing that’s happened since the last Hey of last year. It’s the arrest of a man at the Australian Open tennis by the Victorian police. His crime? Telling someone the score. You can read about it here at the IPA’s FreedomWatch. Then read more about it at the blog that rejoices in the name ‘Sport is made for betting‘.

It looks like over at the ‘Human Rights’ Commission they’re not that excited about a former employee of the IPA joining them. Tim Wilson’s new employer complained they don’t have enough money to pay him. As our friends at the Centre for Independent Studies have found out, the Commission does somehow have enough money to spend nearly $30,000 on a cocktail party at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney.

Tim has his work cut out. Yesterday his new boss said ‘We need more laws‘ – yes…she really did say it. She won’t like this piece from Tim today in The Australian!

Last Friday, the great Mary Kissel had a great 3 minute interview with the great Janet Albrechtsen on WSJ Live about Tim’s appointment.

What’s happening in France is pretty funny. No – not the President’s affairs – their economy. When The Guardian runs not one – but two pieces on the same day complaining about the French it’s a sure sign there is indeed a new sick man of Europe.

Here’s why France is sick: the owner of a pub in Brittany was arrested for using ‘undeclared labour‘ (read it to find out what they did). And can you guess how long the government forces you to wait for a chauffeur driven car?

Hopefully no-one in France is attempting to make cinnamon rolls.

The long-awaited New Yorker profile on Barack Obama came out a few days ago. Anyone with any interest in American politics must read all its 17,000 words. This is a good analysis of the article from Fox News on Tuesday.

Here’s what else the IPA said since you last heard from us:


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