Be careful what you wish for…from the government

February 20, 2014

From Peter Gregory

The IPA publishes lots of research, but maybe we should just take photos like this before and after shot. After Clare Lally spent two years campaigning for better access to their UK council home for her wheelchair-bound daughter, this was West Dunbartonshire Council’s solution. A 10-level, 60 metre slalom course (click on the link for more pictures):  

(Actually, from time to time, the IPA does take photos of government stupidity.)

But our research is still very important! Today we published A Taxing Approach to Choice, Aaron Lane’s new report on the perverse outcomes of nanny state behavioural taxes. Here is Aaron’s fantastic op-ed in The Australian today and here is his media release. (And click here to find out how you can help to scrap the failed Alcopop Tax.)

Do you believe in miracles? The USA beat Russia at ice hockey at the Winter Olympics in Sochi on Saturday. But that was nothing compared to the Miracle on Ice according to this fantastic piece by Marc Thiessen in The Washington Post yesterday. The 1980 American victory over the Soviets made Americans believe they could win the Cold War (although Simon Shuster in Time thinks they shouldget over it) – watch the frenetic final minute of the game here.

(And then to bring yourself back down to earth, read about the guy who complained that Australian taxpayers were only giving his daughter $38,000 to travel the world, snowboard and live her dream.)

This terrible story from Germany was broken by The Daily Mail last August. Here is the update as of last month. The Wunderlich family have had their children removed from them, not because they wanted to homeschool them (homeschooling is illegal in Germany) but because they wanted to leave the country to exercise their freedom to homeschool elsewhere.

And this is a great piece by James Delingpole from last week’s Spectator about Mark Steyn’s predicament. (Pssst…there might be some very exciting news about Mark very soon.)

If you’re a young (or even not so young) freedom fighter, you must enrol in this 10 week course from the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance: Foundations of Liberty and Free Market Economics. Featuring two of Australia’s leading economists, the IPA’s Professors Sinclair Davidson and Jason Potts, applications close Friday 7 March.

Bookings are now open for the IPA’s 2014 Western Civilisation Symposium on Friday 9 May in Melbourne with Roger Scruton, John Howard and a host of other great speakers. And to see Roger in Sydney on Wednesday 14 May, click here, to see him in Brisbane on Thursday 15 May, click here.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:


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