Maybe we should have an election every year

February 27, 2014

From James Paterson

Thank goodness for election years. Chris Berg’s count of pages of federal legislation passed each year, released today, shows 2013 was the best year for freedom in a decade. In this video, Chris explains why it matters.

Regulation has perverse outcomes. At least sometimes the results are amusing, like the impact of Swedish tax law on Abba’s costumes.

The results of high minimum wages are less amusing, and they certainly apply to Australia, as this excellent article by Ben O’Neill explains.

You’ll be shocked to learn that ABC Managing Director Mark Scott is not a fan of recommendation number 50 on our list of radical ideas for Tony Abbott.

Here’s another idea: is it really the role of the federal government to provide “inner city living without the huge price tag”? That’s a real quote from a real person receiving a real federal government handout. If Joe Hockey wants to end the age of entitlement, he should start with the National Rental Affordability Scheme.

This is one for the scrapbooks – possibly the most embarrassing newspaper apology ever (scroll to the bottom). I almost feel sorry for The Guardian and Clive Hamilton.

This map is at least one reason to be optimistic about the revolution in Ukraine – the Lenin statues are coming down.

Actor and director Harold Ramis passed away on Monday. He was the man behind Groundhog Day(covered in Hey earlier this month) and Ghostbusters – regarded by some as the most libertarian Hollywood movie ever.

Bolt, Steyn, Delingpole, Lindzen, Carter, Plimer, Laframboise, Lawson, Nova, Watts and Marohasy are just some of the world’s best writers on climate change contributing to a new IPA book Climate Change: The Facts 2014 edited by the IPA’s Dr Alan Moran. To find out more and to donate to have your name on the back cover, visit:

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:


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