Neoliberalism and the Ashes

February 13, 2014

From James Paterson 

Everyone subsidises the car industry. But no country subsidises the car industry quite like Australia:

As the IPA’s Sinclair Davidson said on ABCNews24 on Tuesday, the departure of Toyota is not the catastrophe that some have predicted.

Meanwhile I hope no Hey readers have loaned anyone their car (Australian made or otherwise) in the past week – because I would be very sad to see you sent to jail.

Unfortunately, the end of the car industry doesn’t mean the end of corporate welfare in Australia just yet. In Tasmania, the state government is spending $100,000 to encourage people to drink their whiskey and cider. (At the same time, the federal government is spending $53.5 million to discourage people from drinking, presumably including Tasmanian whisky and cider).

I bet you’re still wondering how Australia beat England in the Ashes. Peter Oborne shared the secret in The Telegraph last Thursday: it was all thanks to neoliberalism. Really.

If you have kids or grandkids, make sure you take them to see the new Lego movie (out in Australia in April) – “the most subversive pro-liberty film ever” according to The Federalist. If you’re looking for more pro-freedom films, you can’t go past our April 2012 IPA Review list.

You will enjoy this lengthy profile of U.S. Senator and Tea Party sensation Ted Cruz in the February edition of Texas Monthly. This is a great 3-minute interview from Reason TV that shows why Cruz could be president.

If you’re wondering where Obamacare is up to, the government agency the Obama administration previously touted to defend the scheme just admitted it will cost America 2.3 million jobs. But don’t worry – the White House says this is a good thing.

Finally, this is a wonderful tribute by the Foundation for Economic Education to Sir John James Cowperthwaite, “The man behind the Hong Kong miracle”.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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