When governments airbrush history

March 6, 2014

From Peter Gregory

On Monday Andrew Bolt was as astounded as everyone at the IPA was by this story in The Sydney Morning Herald about the re-writing of our history.

Maybe the Australian War Memorial took airbrush lessons from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. In The Australian Financial Review in November John Roskam explained how Rudyard Kipling nearly got airbrushed (or more precisely chiselled out) in favour of Paul Keating.

What is it about governments, history and smoking? Look what they did in Britain a few years ago.

Chris Berg redesigned some art as Nanny Statists would like it in Hey back in June 2010.

Let’s hope the Abbott government doesn’t repeal from history its promise to repeal 18C. Here is Simon Breheny’s FreedomWatch email warning against any back down.

This is something incredible from Ohio. There’s a law that sentences people to 6 months jail if they say something with “reckless disregard” about a political candidate. Not surprisingly, this is being challenged and the US supreme court will make its decision in June. You must read this brilliant brief to the court from P.J. O’Rourke.

I knew there was a reason we sent Hey to all the ALP MPs! One week after publishing Chris Berg’s annual page count of federal legislation in Hey, Tony Burke complains there is not enough legislation for the parliament to debate!

If you were concerned about the situation in Ukraine, don’t be! Kevin Rudd is on his way to Moscow to sort it all out. With his track record of consensus-building and creating harmony, Rudd is perfect for the job.

(For serious news on Ukraine, read this Forbes piece from Monday on why it won’t split.)

Here’s one we can chalk off as a victory for Hey. Remember in January we told you about the man arrested for telling someone the score at the Australian Open? This morning the charges against him were dropped!

Steven Horwitz in the March edition of Reason had an important piece on Alan Greenspan’s refusal to take responsibility for his role in the GFC.

And here is your homework: Dan Hannan wants you to come up with a new name for the Anglosphere(and says the IPA is “tremendous”).

If you’re 35 or under you have extra homework – The Mont Pelerin Society 2014 Hayek Essay contest is now open with cash and travel to the Society’s General Meeting in Hong Kong in August up for grabs.

There is still time to donate to the publication of the new IPA book Climate Change: The Facts 2014 and have your name on the back cover. Visit http://thefacts2014.ipa.org.au/.

And if you’re in Melbourne on Friday 21 March, the IPA is hosting The Hon. Josh Frydenberg MP who will talk about the Abbott government’s deregulation agenda.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:


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