You must be drinking right-wing Kool-Aid

March 27, 2014

From James Paterson

Apparently being in favour of freedom of speech means you’ve “drunk the right-wing Kool-Aid”, at least according to one (anonymous) member of Tony Abbott’s cabinet. Well, they can count me, my colleagues and the IPA’s almost 4,000 members as proud Kool-Aid drinkers.

On Tuesday we welcomed Attorney-General George Brandis’ proposed reforms to section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act. John Roskam analysed the changes in detail in this email sent to IPA members on Tuesday night. Also on Tuesday, Chris Berg appeared on ABC TV to defend the reforms, and wrote this article for ABC’s The Drum on why a full repeal of 18C is still needed. And Simon Breheny was interviewed by ABC’s 7.30 on the proposals.

Yesterday Simon debated the human rights lobby on ABC’s News Breakfast, which you can watch here, and made the case for reform on Sky News:

Watch the two best speeches on 18C made by Liberal MPs (who also happen to be IPA members), Victorian Senator and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Education Scott Ryan, and Western Australian Senator Dean Smith. And you will be amused to watch George Brandis being asked about the IPA in Senate Question Time yesterday.

Remember how the Human Rights Commission was moaning about its measly $25 million annual budget? Well, perhaps they could examine their spending on events. As John Roskam told the Herald Sun on Monday, “On the one hand they say they can’t fund the salary for a commissioner, but on the other hand they can spend $60,000 on an exclusive cocktail party.” And as Andrew Bolt points out, they should also be careful they aren’t violating the very laws they campaigned to impose on us.

Is David Cameron about to privatise the BBC? Sort of, as Dan Hannan explains.

Libertarianism is on the rise in Australia, according to The Australian’s Adam Creighton. And boy do we need it – it’s not even legal to drive your motorised esky full of alcohol after you’ve had a few drinks!

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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