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April 24, 2014

From Peter Gregory

Last week we had a huge response from Hey readers to these word clouds of the IPA’s ’75 Radical Ideas to Transform Australia’ and the ALP’s “achievements” while in office.

So we decided to make a word cloud of the transcript of the IPA’s favourite television program – see if you can guess what it is!

The FIRST 5 PEOPLE to respond correctly will receive a FREE ticket to the IPA’s Foundations of Western Civilisation Symposium, Liberty and Democracy in Western Civilisation on Friday 9th May in Melbourne! (Email your responses to me at [email protected].)

Get in fast, because the Symposium is unmissable and will feature these fantastic speakers: Roger Scruton, John Howard, Ryan Messmore, Ian Callinan, Janet Albrechtsen, Tim Wilson, Kevin Donnelly, Nick Cater, John Roskam, Ian Harper, Claudio Véliz, Jennifer Oriel, Richard Allsop, David Kemp, Greg Melleuish and Chris Berg.

If you aren’t quick enough to be in the first 5 – click here to book tickets the normal way. As well as featuring at the Symposium, the IPA is hosting Roger Scruton in Sydney on May 14 and Brisbane on May 15. Click here and here for details.

Not featuring at the Symposium will be Sydney filmmaker Anna Broinowski. She made Aim High in Creation!, a taxpayer-funded documentary to stop a gas mine near her Sydney home where she turns to North Korea’s former leader Kim Jong-Il for inspiration…as you do. Here’s the (hilarious and bizarre) trailer.

The big take-out for Broinowski is that even though North Korean filmmakers legitimise a murderous regime, they are really talented and besides, “no matter what ideological framework you operate within, Filmmakers are Family.”

Here’s an incredible update on freedom of speech from Andrew Bolt. According to Professor of Theology at the Australian Catholic University, Neil Ormerod, freedom of speech should only be available to those contributing to the “common good”. As Andrew Bolt explains, Christianity would’ve turned out a little differently if Professor Ormerod had his way…

As I’m sure all Hey readers were already aware, Tuesday was Earth Day. Sit back and have a chuckle at the 13 most ridiculous predictions made on the very first Earth Day in 1970 from Ricochet.

If you’re after a belated Earth Day present for that special someone – try Ian Plimer’s latest book, Not for Greens, which is now available from Connor Court. Or James Delingpole’s The Little Green Book of Eco-Fascism – this is a terrific interview with James Delingpole from Ed Driscoll at PJ Media on Sunday.

And former guest of the IPA, Bjørn Lomborg had this fantastic piece in The Spectator earlier this month on carbon credits.

If you’re in Melbourne on May 6, The Hon Dr David Kemp is giving the Alfred Deakin Lecture. Details here.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:


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