The problem with democracy

April 10, 2014

From Peter Gregory

I think we’ve finally bitten off more than we can chew.

The Melbourne Unitarian Peace Memorial Church has the IPA in its cross hairs. Located in the working class enclave of East Melbourne, the Church thinks that the Abbott Government’s Commission of Audit is based on the IPA’s ‘75 radical ideas to transform Australia‘ and is “inviting us to treat the public sector as if it is illegitimate and unnecessary.” (Not a bad summation really…)

Perhaps federal public servants worried about the Commission of Audit should move over to the state bureaucracies – the IPA’s Dr Julie Novak’s forthcoming research shows us that most states have doubled the amount of funds devoted to employee wages and salaries since 2001.

The words “I believe in democracy but…” have clearly been uttered by whoever made this terrible, terrible video. It was released by the ABC last week to warn the people of WA that if they’re not careful, they just might end up voting for one of those nasty micro parties at the Senate elections held on the weekend. It’s 1:42 long and I guarantee you will watch it more than once to decide which bits disgust you most (FreedomWatch post here).

The Institute for Liberty in the US wants Members of Congress to Pledge to Read every piece of legislation that they vote on. Good luck with that! I hope they’ve all seen Chris Berg’s pages of legislation video!

This is why the IPA opposes the National Curriculum – in Breitbart on Tuesday James Delingpole had this piece about British schoolchildren being terrorised by green propaganda.

There are a couple of terrific long videos this week. From Basic Economics, this 2003 Milton Friedman interview with Gary Becker (1 hr and 12 mins). And the 2nd European Union In Or Out debate between Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage on the BBC last week (it goes for 59:24 – for the first debate, click here). And here is Dan Hannan’s take on Farage’s game-changing victory.

This is an excellent piece from Roger Scruton in Forbes on Tuesday about the politics of climate change. The IPA is bringing Roger to Australia next month. Details and registration here forMelbourneSydney and Brisbane.

The IPA is also welcoming internationally renowned scientist and Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute Dr Patrick Michaels to Australia in April and May. Click here to register for PerthMelbourneSydney andBrisbane.

And The Spectator Australia is hosting Treasurer Joe Hockey in Sydney on Wednesday April 23.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:


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