When you leave Tim Flannery in charge

April 3, 2014

From John Roskam

Well…that’s what happens when you leave Tim Flannery in charge of something. Greg Combet’s promise back in February 2011 that the Climate Commission would “build the consensus required to move to a clean energy future” hasn’t quite worked out that way. The results released on Tuesday this week of an IPA commissioned poll of 1,059 Australians’ attitude to climate change proves that’s another $5m of taxpayers’ money down the drain.

There’s been almost no change in the last 4 years in what Australians think of climate change – almost two thirds of people still think either that the variation in global temperature is natural or that they’re not sure what the truth is. Full details here – Terry McCrann put it well – the public just aren’t buying the apocalypse.

There must be a stupidity competition running somewhere and the Australian Football League and the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal must have both entered.

Back in January when I wrote in The Financial Review about the ridiculousness of not keeping score in children’s sport I didn’t think it could get worse – this week the AFL proved me wrong.

But somehow the AFL got trumped by this decision from the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

If you’re depressed by all of this you could go to the Melbourne Comedy Festival to cheer up. But you still wouldn’t be able to escape the IPA if you went to see this stand-up comedian!

Here’s a new take on freedom of speech. Ban free newspapers. For something even more serious on the topic you must read Clyde Rathbone’s article in The Sydney Morning Herald a few days ago and Alan Dershowitz in The Australian ($) yesterday.

Josh Frydenberg, the parliamentary secretary to the PM in charge of cutting red tape gave a terrific speech to the IPA the other week – it’s here. America needs him as well – this story from The Washington Post is just incredible.

There’s some great events coming up.

The IPA is hosting Dr Patrick Michaels from the Cato Institute in Perth on 29 April, Melbourne on 1 May, Sydney on 5 May, and Brisbane on 6 May. He’ll be talking about the facts and fallacies of climate change.

On 29 April in Melbourne and on 10 April in Brisbane the CIS is having Brendan O’Neill discuss ‘Nannies, Nudgers and Naggers: The New Enemies of Freedom’.

On 3 and 4 May in Sydney the second annual ALS Friedman Conference is on. Speakers include the IPA’s Dr Julie Novak and Professor Sinclair Davidson, people who used to be at the IPA like Tim Wilson, and Henry Ergas, Judith Sloan, Senator Elect David Leyonhjelm, and Bopha Phorn the editor ofThe Cambodia Daily in Phnom Penh.

And of course next month Roger Scruton is in Australia! Details here for MelbourneSydney andBrisbane.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:


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