The World Cup of Communism

July 3, 2014

From Peter Gregory

On Monday Jenny Macklin insisted Australia’s welfare system is not “out of control“. Below, the IPA’s Dr Julie Novak research tells the real story: 

What issue has been engrossing The Washington Post, The New York Times, the American Enterprise Institute, the Heritage Foundation and even The Guardian? It’s this by Ann Coulter ‘America’s favorite national pastime: hating soccer‘ (and here is her follow up).

On Tuesday in The Drum Ben Pobjie hilariously confirmed Coulter’s suspicions that the tournament in Brazil is the World Cup of Communism by proving that the offside rule punishes individual initiative.

If you’re not a soccer fan – please move on to the next paragraph. If you are, this is a must-read 4,653 word essay on Lionel Messi’s left foot from FiveThirtyEight on Tuesday. Make sure you check out scatter graph No. 10 on ‘Value Added vs. Total Offensive Participation’. And this is a terrific 6:50 video from Keith Olbermann on how to make soccer work in America (there are lots of lessons for Australia).  

We should have a segment in Hey for the craziest Conversation article of the week. Last week university deregulation contravened international law. This week, accounting firms have a human rights problem. I can’t wait until next week!      

Click on this picture to find out why Australia gives money to international organisations like the World Health Organisation. It will make you sick…

And you guessed it, the only person more controversial than Ann Coulter this week was James Delingpole, who wore an “I love fossil fuels” t-shirt into the Greenpeace field at Glastonbury music festival.  

From the July/August edition of Standpoint is this fascinating long article by Jeremy Black on how the First World War should be remembered in the centenary year of its commencement. 

And to complete the triumvirate, Ann Coulter, James Delingpole…we have Ian Plimer! The IPA is launching Professor Plimer’s important new book Not for Greens in Melbourne on July 22 and Brisbane on July 28. 

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:


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