Revenge of the Green Blob (and Mr Men)

July 24, 2014

From John Roskam

Today’s Hey is coming to you from someone who last week in parliament was called a ‘climate criminal‘! (I bet you can’t guess who called me that – well – I think you can actually. They’re a special friend of the IPA and a Hey regular!)

Economic growth is egalitarian! And global income inequality is falling as Professor Tyler Cowen said in The New York Times on the weekend.

This from the World Bank shows what’s happened in the 20 years between the fall of the Berlin Wall and the GFC. The first graph is how much the income of people in each income group has increased. The second graph reveals how much still remains to be done.

(In case you’re wondering – an annual income of US $34,000 gets you into the richest 1% of the world.)

Because there’s so much material for it we’re thinking of introducing a new section in Hey called ‘What left-wing academics say about the IPA in The Guardian‘. This week’s entry is from Warwick Smith at the University of Melbourne who accuses the IPA of having ‘ideological motives’! Really? You think?

Michael Gove, the British education minister who criticised the way Mr Men books were used to teach the Second World War was sacked in a Cabinet reshuffle last week.

Gove also wanted children to learn Shakespeare. This from Standpoint on Monday explains why Gove was Britain’s best ever education minister.

The environment minister who took on ‘The Green Blob’ was also sacked. He wrote a brilliant dummy-spit after his sacking about ‘anti-capitalist agitprop groups’ who want to take us back to the ‘Stone Age’. Not surprisingly the Green Blob is upset!

Last week confirms what I wrote about British PM David Cameron last year in my column in The Australian Financial Review. He’s pretty hopeless.

Last month is the 10th anniversary of Fahrenheit 9/11. Mark Steyn teams up with Jean-Luc Godard to explain that Mike Moore is good at making propaganda not movies.

Meanwhile this Iraq war veteran is told he’s not allowed to keep 14 ducks.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:


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