What could unite the ABC and GetUp?

August 14, 2014

What prompted an ABC spokesman to say this to Crikey on Monday? ‘The ABC notes as well that the IPA’s interpretation is not surprising given their strong pro-mining stance’. 

It was our major new report, released this week, which notes the ABC’s strong anti-mining stance. (The difference of course being that unlike the ABC, the IPA isn’t funded by taxpayers nor legally required to be impartial and balanced). GetUp is not happy with us either. 

You can read the full report here, but these are the key charts. The ABC gives renewable energy more than four times the favourable coverage of coal seam gas and more than three times the favourable coverage of coal mining:

In The Australian on Tuesday I explained the only solution to the ABC’s bias problem is privatisation

Last Thursday the IPA’s Chris Berg delivered this timely speech to the Australian Human Rights Commission’s Free Speech symposium:

If you missed the IPA’s full page statement on section 18C in The Australian on Friday, you can see the final print version here. Thank you to the 501 IPA members and donors who together contributed $60,294 to make the ad possible. 

Maybe the Left will change their mind on section 18C now that it is being used against Mike Carlton. If Carlton is lucky, Senator Bob Day’s efforts to fix the law will succeed before he’s hauled before the courts. 

And maybe the Left will also change their mind about media regulation, after Russia announced it was implementing a key recommendation from the Finkelstein Review. Actually, that’s not fair, Russia’s law is much more moderate than Finkelstein’s recommendation. 

On Monday the IPA’s Simon Breheny appeared on ABC’s Q&A. You can watch the full replay here

You’ll enjoy this 7,000 word essay from The New York Times last week, ‘Has the “Libertarian Moment” Finally Arrived?’ 

If you’re in Sydney on Tuesday 26 August don’t miss this great event from our friends at MyChoice and the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance. The IPA’s Dr Julie Novak, Cassandra Wilkinson from the CIS and Christopher Snowdon from the Institute of Economic Affairs in London will be discussing ‘Your rights at play’.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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