Australian manufacturing – worse than France

September 18, 2014

From Peter Gregory

Australia has the highest manufacturing costs in the world, according to a Boston Consulting Group index released last month. The reason? Australia’s manufacturing wages have increased 48% in the last decade whilst productivity fell by 1%! (Coverage from the WSJ here).

The BCG Global Manufacturing Cost-Competitiveness Index is full of fascinating insights, like that the US manufacturing renaissance will be driven by cheap energy – as predicted by Robert Bryce in his fantastic lecture to the IPA last week.

It looks like another Australian of the Year has got it wrong! Yesterday ABC board member and 2003 Australian of the Year Professor Fiona Stanley complained that The Australian claimed the ABC was biased and should be privatised. Professor Stanley – that was the IPA!

As rightly pointed out by The Australian ($) today, our report in August showed that the ABC is biased against coal and coal-seam gas, and it was the IPA’s James Paterson who wrote in The Australian that the ABC should be privatised (and here’s when we talked it about in Hey).

Speaking of climate change, this graph shows how much people have been speaking about climate change (scroll down to the second one) by analysing 600 million words from 87,000 movies and TV shows (it won’t please the ABC).

This is some good news for the future! A poll conducted by the Knight Foundation in the US has found that for the first time in a decade students support the first amendment more than adults. And students that have learnt about the first amendment in class are more supportive than those who haven’t. (All the more reason to oppose the national curriculum as the IPA’s Stephanie Forrest did in The Australian in June!)

The historic vote for Scottish independence is tonight Australian time. Last Friday in Breitbart, James Delingpole wrote 10 reasons why he hopes the Scots vote ‘yes’. In The Telegraph last week, Dan Hannan made the emotional case for the ‘no’ vote. And yesterday in the Brisbane Times, Chair of the Australian Flag Association, Allan Pidgeon dispelled any scuttlebutt that a ‘yes’ vote will lead to a change in Australia’s flag.

In Melbourne on Monday 6 October Professor Frank Furedi, a world leading commentator on culture and education in the West, will be in conversation with Nick Cater and John Roskam about ‘The Ultimate Freedom? Current and emerging threats to freedom of speech.’ Details and registration here.

And in Adelaide on Wednesday 22 October the HR Nicholls Society is holding a lunchtime forum called ‘South Australia – how the labour market can help the state’. Details here.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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