Nominate Andrew Bolt for the 2014 Human Rights Commission Medal

September 11, 2014

From John Roskam

  • 1.7 billion people gained access to electricity between 1990 and 2010. For every person who gained access due to wind and solar, 13 gained access thanks to coal.
  • Out of the world’s population of 7 billion, 1.2 billion people don’t have electricity.
  • If wind power was to meet just the annual growth in global energy demand, an area the size of the UK would have to be covered in windfarms every year.

This is what American author Robert Bryce talked about when he delivered the 2014 HV McKay Lecture at the IPA in Melbourne on Tuesday night on ‘Energy and Human Flourishing’. You can watch his lecture here, and you can watch the wonderful Terry McCrann give a brilliant seven minute vote of thanks here.

This is what Terry said about the lecture in today’s Herald Sun in Melbourne and Daily Telegraph in Sydney.

Energy and free markets are the way to lift people from poverty. In last Friday’s Cape Times from Cape Town, the IPA’s Peter Gregory wrote on how property rights can unleash entrepreneurship in South Africa.

In Hey last week we told you about the recently-released love letter from the head of Treasury to Wayne Swan from 2011 (it was the most popular link by a long way!) The latest from Treasury this week is not quite in the same league but it’s close – on Tuesday in Catallaxy Files¬†Sinclair Davidson uncovered the story.

Regular readers of Hey know that over the years some of our best material has come from Treasury. In 2009 we told you how most of Treasury’s modelling of the carbon tax was wrong. In 2010 we uncovered ‘StimulusGate‘ and how Treasury cherry-picked their data. Which of course is why I called for the then Treasury secretary to resign!

The vote on Scottish independence is next Thursday. Here’s Boris Johnson on Monday saying vote ‘No’. And here’s a great piece in Breitbart London saying vote ‘Yes’. (Warning – if you’re of Scottish ancestry you’ll be offended – I guess I’ll see you at the Human Rights Commission!)

Talking of the Human Rights Commission…I’ve kept Wednesday, 10 December free. That’s in case I win the Commission’s Human Rights Medal for the IPA’s work ‘to advance our human rights and freedoms in Australia’. I know many IPA members have already nominated me. You can click here to make an online nomination – and while you’re at it why not nominate Andrew Bolt as well! (It would be great to be presented with the medal from my favourite ABC comedian – as the IPA’s James Paterson talked about in The Spectator last year.)

Last week Chris Berg and Simon Breheny made this important submission to the Australian government Online Copyright Infringement Discussion Paper and here is Simon’s oped about it in yesterday’s Daily Telegraph.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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