What are you getting your dad for Parent’s Day?

September 4, 2014

From Peter Gregory

This is what happens when IPA members get into Parliament! In his maiden speech last night, Family First Senator Bob Day said it’s only a matter of time before the minimum wage ‘collapses under the weight of its own absurdity’. Watch the rest of his brilliant maiden speech here:

Here is a fantastic piece Bob had in The Advertiser last week.

I wonder what Wayne Swan thinks of reducing the minimum wage? In The Drum on Monday he took aim at the IPA’s Chris Berg and insisted he saved Australia from the GFC. His trump card? This hilarious letter from then treasury secretary Martin Parkinson. Here is Chris’ excellent piece in The Drum last week that Swan was responding to.

There is mysterious confusion about the effect of Sydney’s lock-out laws. The police say they have reduced violence. Whilst the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research think the laws have caused assaults to double. (If the government can’t count acts of violence, how do they expect us to believe they can stop them by restricting our freedom?)

This might be ‘the kids are all right edition’ of Hey! The Guardian on Monday was worried that young adult dystopian fiction is ‘agit-prop for capitalism’ and thrives because young people believe individual freedom to be ‘incontestable’. And the latest edition of Reason had this fascinating longish piece on the rise and rise of hipster capitalism.

Young people obviously didn’t get their freedom-loving tendencies at school! A school on the Sunshine Coast has banned cartwheels and a school in Melbourne has replaced Father’s Day with ‘Parent’s Day’!

This is absolutely brilliant – 38 maps that explain the global economy from Vox. I don’t have a favourite. They’re all awesome.

Next Tuesday Robert Bryce from the Manhattan Institute will be delivering the IPA HV McKay Lecture and Dinner in Melbourne. Book here.

And good news for freedom-lovers in Hobart! Liberty on the Rocks will commence on 1 October. The IPA’s Julie Novak will be giving a short talk on freedom in Tasmania on opening night. Details here.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:


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