Fairfax engages in facts-avoidance

October 2, 2014

From James Paterson

Family First Senator (and IPA member) Bob Day’s bill to restore freedom of speech by amending section 18C was debated in the Senate in Canberra this morning. Watch the IPA’s new video on why Senator Day’s bill deserves support. You might be surprised who agrees with us!:

Read and share our new Factsheet which explains how Senator Day’s bill will help prevent cases like Andrew Bolt’s from occurring in the future. And this is the media release the IPA’s Simon Breheny issued this morning on why those who value free speech should support this bill.

In The Financial Review on Friday IPA Executive Director John Roskam slammed the hypocrites who only support free speech for those they agree with.

You’ll love this terrific 9-minute speech in the Senate yesterday by Liberal Democrats Senator (and IPA member) David Leyonhjelm on why we should all be grateful to smokers. Watch at least until 6.05 to see probably the only time South Park has been quoted (with approval) in the Australian Senate.

If you read The Sydney Morning Herald or The Age this week you might be forgiven for thinking we have a systematic corporate tax-avoidance scandal in Australia. After reading this comprehensive demolition by Terry McCrann in the Herald Sun on Wednesday you’ll change your mind. If you’re still in doubt read this from the IPA’s Sinclair Davidson on Catallaxy Files on Tuesday.

IPA member and University of New South Wales Professor Peter Swan explained in The Conversation last week that Australians have a surprisingly high degree of tolerance for income inequality. And this speech, delivered at the Hoover Institution last week by Professor John Cochrane of the University of Chicago, is an excellent explanation of why it should never be the role of government to tackle inequality.

The IPA, in conjunction with the Mannkal Economic Education Foundation, is delighted to host the Australian launch of the 2014 Economic Freedom of the World Index in Perth on Thursday 30 October. The author of the index, Resident Fellow of Canada’s Fraser Institute, Fred McMahon, will join us for an important discussion about the benefits of economic freedom. For more details and to RSVP, click here.

The IPA’s Chris Berg will be speaking at The Privacy Workshop in Melbourne on Friday 17 October on the threat posed to our online freedoms and privacy by government. Further details are available here.

Tickets are now sold out for Monday’s discussion on the threats to freedom of speech with Frank Furedi, Nick Cater and John Roskam. Videos from the night will be available in next week’s Hey.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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