Cuts to ABC, not to China’s emissions

November 20, 2014

From James Paterson

You’ve probably heard about the ‘gigantic’ and ‘extraordinary’ deal Barack Obama secured with China to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Except there’s just one problem. Only one country has actually promised to reduce emissions:

(Via the IPA’s professor Sinclair Davidson at the excellent Catallaxy Files blog.)

If you’re looking for analysis of the cuts to the ABC and SBS budgets, we’ve got you covered. In The Courier Mail on Wednesday the IPA’s Simon Breheny said the 5% cut is a good start. On ABC Radio National last night I said ultimately both the ABC and SBS should be privatised. And this morning on The Conversation IPA Adjunct Fellow and RMIT professor Jason Potts explained why economic theory proves taxpayers will be better off thanks to the reduced funding.

In America this week everyone’s been talking about the latest scandal to afflict Obamacare: Grubergate. Never heard of it? This is a great rundown from John Fund at the National Review on Monday, and this video compilation chronicles Democrats’ embarrassing efforts to distance themselves from it. In The Washington Post last week Charles Krauthammer outlined what it means for Obama’s presidency.

Billionaire libertarian Peter Thiel has an important new book Zero to One: Notes on Startups, Or How to Build the Future. Watch Thiel discuss the book, and his views on climate change, in this interview with Glenn Beck. And read this fascinating review in Forbes last week on what we can learn from Thiel about economics and why the higher education system is so broken.

Next June is the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. In the November edition of Standpoint, historian Andrew Roberts reviews two of the best new books examining the battle and its aftermath. Roberts was the keynote speaker at the IPA’s 2011 Foundations of Western Civilisation Symposium – watch his address on the legacy of the English-speaking peoples.

IPA member Peter Fenwick’s new book, published by Connor Court, The Fragility of Freedom: Why Subsidiarity Matters, will be launched in Melbourne on Monday 1 December by former federal health minister Jim Carlton. More details about the book and the launch are available here.

There are still some places available for the IPA’s Sydney event, ‘Liberty in the Digital Age’, on Thursday 11 December with LDP Senator David Leyonhjelm and Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson. Click here to secure your place.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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