To be or not to be…in the National Curriculum

November 6, 2014

From Peter Gregory

Can you guess how many times Shakespeare is mentioned in Australia’s National Curriculum of English? If you said none, you’d be wrong. He’s mentioned once in an example sentence in the glossary. Unfortunately, the example sentence chosen is hardly likely to encourage 14-year-olds to rush out and get a copy of King Lear – ‘Because I am reading Shakespeare, my time is limited.’

On Tuesday, the IPA released a new research report, ‘Australia’s English Curriculum: A critique‘ by Stephanie Forrest and Carla Schodde. The IPA’s Hannah Pandel was on The Alan Jones Show on 2GB yesterday morning talking about the report and Stephanie had this piece in The Australian on Tuesday.

This piece in The Federalist also on Tuesday is spot-on when it says the US mid-term elections were about Obama’s failed presidency.

The great economist Gordon Tullock died on Monday. Tullock greatly enhanced our understanding of rent-seeking and the bureaucratic process. The IPA’s Mikayla Novak had this piece in today’s Financial Review on Tullock’s contribution to economics. This list of Tullock’s best insults in Marginal Revolution from Alex Tabarrok in 2006 is also very funny.

On Tuesday Boris Johnson made a speech at a Spectator event in London about his new Churchill biography. You can listen to it here.

And this is a brilliant piece that was in The Wall Street Journal last Saturday about how the right to be offended is threatening free speech in Britain and the US.

On Monday Christine Milne said ‘Coal is bad for humanity‘. Really? I’m not sure the 832 million people in developing countries who gained access to electricity because of coal between 1990 and 2010 would agree.

Milne was responding to the release of the latest IPCC report. James Delingpole had his own response in Breitbart on Monday. For all you need to know about global energy, re-live author Robert Bryce’s address to the IPA in September.

Here is your guilty pleasure for Thursday afternoon – Michael Moynihan in The Daily Beast on Monday on why Russell Brand’s new (new?) political manifesto Revolution is rubbish.

The November edition of Reason magazine has this long piece on why the free market is behind the current golden age of television. In October Reason also made this cool video of ‘The 5 best libertarian TV shows ever‘ (to go with their video from last week in Hey of the ‘The 5 most anti-libertarian shows ever‘). And remember when we told you in Hey what the IPA’s favourite TV show was?

Speaking of the free market making television better, the IPA’s James Paterson will be appearing on the IPA’s favourite TV show (the ABC’s Q&A) on Monday.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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