The science is settled, climate change is a religion

February 26, 2015

From Peter Gregory

I hope you’re not looking for a job. The ACCI National Red Tape Survey released yesterday reported that regulation has prevented almost half of the businesses surveyed from expanding. And 72.6% of businesses said the regulatory burden had increased in the last year:


It’s about to get worse. The government confirmed today it was investigating compulsory country of origin graphics for imported food products. Hopefully, they don’t include McDonald’s cheeseburgers which contain ingredients from six different countries! Has no-one in the government watched I, Pencil

Ever heard the one about how freedom of speech is a niche issue? Not according to ordinary Australians. A new poll by British pollsters Ipsos MORI found that Australians believe freedom of speech is the human right most under threat in Australia today. Read the IPA’s media release here

And on Tuesday, the IPA’s Simon Breheny appeared on ABC News Breakfast arguing Australia was “going backwards” on free speech. Read the IPA’s media release here

What a week it’s been for the green movement! Rajendra Pachauri quit as chair of the IPCC and admitted in his astonishing resignation letter that climate change was his religion. That’s what you want to hear from the (ex) head of the most powerful scientific body in the world! It’s fair to say that former IPA guest Donna Laframboise took a pretty dim view of Pachauri in this blog post from Tuesday. 

Then, the leader of the Greens in the UK Natalie Bennett turned the awkward scale up to 11 with this stuttering interview. In her defence, it’s hardly out of character for the Greens to not know or care how much their programs cost.

How annoying are the Oscars? I love being lectured on the state of the world by people who are good(ish) at acting. This piece from Mollie Hemingway in The Federalist on Monday will make you feel better.  

And this in The Atlantic last week will make you angry – how local governments in the US are cracking down on neighbours sharing books with each other. 

The father of Reaganomics and inventor of the Laffer Curve is coming to Australia next month. In 1999 Time Magazine named Art Laffer one of ‘The Century’s Greatest Minds’. On March 18 in Melbourne, the IPA and ACCI are hosting Art. Click here to watch a video on how the Laffer Curve was created, here to read a Washington Post piece on its impact and here to book your ticket.

And there are some exciting programs coming up. The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance is holding the Foundations of Liberty and Free Market Economics program in semester 1 of 2015. Details here. And the Centre for Independent Studies is holding Liberty and Society Student Conferences in May and July. Details here

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:


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