Back in my day the government was only a quarter of GDP

March 5, 2015

From James Paterson

The Intergenerational Report was released at 12.15pm today. There’s no good news. Here’s some of the bad news. No one thinks we should cut government spending:


But we knew that yesterday after this vote in the Senate.

If there’s one thing a US member of Congress won’t stand for it is using the House of Representatives “for political purposes“. That’s a real quote from a real Democrat about why she didn’t attend Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech in Washington this Tuesday.

This week the BBC tried to scare the British into staying in the EU, with this ‘docu-drama‘. It backfired, as The Telegraph explained in this one-star review. Dan Hannan is also unforgiving.

Last month the IPA was delighted to host climate change briefings in Perth, Sydney and Brisbane to mark the launch of the IPA’s new book, Climate Change: The Facts 2014. Watch the speeches delivered by two of the contributing authors of the book, Professor Bob Carter and Professor Stewart Franks.

Want more intellectual nourishment on climate change? Why not attend this talk at the University of South Australia next week on how our ‘practices of intimacy‘ will be affected by climate change? (At least I think that’s what it’s about).

Dr Patrick Basham is one of the world’s foremost experts on the Nanny State. On Tuesday 24 March he’ll be in Melbourne to speak about how the Nanny State is bad for taxpayers, public health and our freedoms. This is a free event for IPA members – click here to secure your place. Read this excellent article Dr Basham wrote for Spiked in November last year on the food police.

There are still places available for Dr Art Laffer’s public lecture for the IPA and ACCI in Melbourne on Wednesday 18 March. Dr Laffer will be speaking about the ‘Lessons from the Reagan Revolution’ – book here. And our friends at Liberty on the Rocks will be hosting the unofficial after-party to discuss the lecture with economist John Humphreys and Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance executive director Tim Andrews – full details available here.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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