The truck driver probably blamed global warming too

March 12, 2015

From James Bolt

Unemployment in Australia is 6.3%. It’s no wonder 48% of Australians agree there’s too much red tape on business in this exclusive new poll for the IPA this week:


You can read the rest of our poll’s findings here, including the incredible results from South Australia where 61% of respondents answered ‘yes’. 

“Unmerciful” said French Justice Minister Christiane Taubira when discussing free speech recently. No, she was not describing the brutal murders of Charlie Hebdo cartoonists. She was praising France’s new anti-free speech laws that will unmercifully target people expressing opinions online. #JeSuisCensored.

This might be the worst thing you will read in Hey all year. Last week, the staff at Charlie Hebdo were awarded the “International Islamophobe of the Year” by the UK’s Islamic Human Rights Commission. 

Still, we shouldn’t be surprised. As this fascinating piece by Douglas Murray in the March edition of Standpoint shows, Britain has been eroding free speech for years.

Global warming alarmists have drawn some long bows over the years, but we may have a winner. Apparently global warming is behind the rise of ISIS. I’m embarrassed I didn’t see the link earlier! Former guest of the IPA Dr Patrick Michaels analyses the claim on the Cato blog here. He’s not impressed.

Hey readers last week were fascinated by the great European disaster that was the BBC docu-drama The Great European Disaster. James Delingpole has since written this scathing review in The Spectator on Saturday

If you’re looking for a damning indictment of Australia’s industrial relations system, look no further. It was revealed this week that when a company fired a truck driver for urinating on a client’s warehouse, not only was it deemed by the Fair Work Commission as wrongful termination,the driver was awarded $16,128 in unfair dismissal compensation.

There are still a few places available at our upcoming events. Dr Patrick Basham is a leading expert on the Nanny State and will speak about how it is bad for our health and our liberties. You can register here for the event taking place on 24 March in Melbourne. Dr Basham will also be appearing in Sydney with the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance – the details are here.

You can also register for Dr Art Laffer’s public lecture in Melbourne on 18 March for the IPA and ACCI on ‘Lessons from the Reagan Revolution’ here. Dr Laffer will be appearing in Sydney with the Sydney Institute – registration here.

Finally, the Conservative Leadership Foundation are hosting their annual Conservative Writing Competition on the topic “If I were Prime Minister, I would…”. The IPA’s James Paterson was the competition’s inaugural winner, and you can be this year’s by entering here.   

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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