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March 19, 2015

From Peter Gregory

If you click on one link in today’s Hey, make it this one. It’s Dr Arthur Laffer – inventor of the Laffer Curve and economic adviser to Ronald Reagan – giving a brilliant speech to the IPA in Melbourne last night:

Here is Dr Laffer’s excellent interview on ABC Radio National Breakfast on Tuesday where he explained to ABC journalist Fran Kelly why cutting tax rates isn’t ‘wacky’. 

Is privatising the BBC really as bad as ISIS destroying historic sites? They would think that at The Guardian wouldn’t they? Maybe it was a Guardian reader who accused the IPA’s Chris Berg of taking sides against totalitarian savages? Follow the whole saga here at FreedomWatch

And if Islamic State were readingThe Telegraph last Sunday they would be very afraid – Boris Johnson wants to enlist in a special armed unit to defend the monuments.

On Friday former IPA guest Matt Ridley had this piece in The Wall Street Journal on how fossil fuels will save the world. And on Sunday the Global Warming Policy Foundation released this excellent briefing paper ‘The Small Print: What the Royal Society left out‘. 

I bet you weren’t expecting this sentence when you opened Hey today: here are the ‘Top 12 most libertarian quotes by Barack Obama‘ from The Libertarian Republic. My favourite is the free market one. 

Many reasons have been offered for the failure of Communism. This week a quick internet search would’ve saved the revolution. Read the tale in The Spectator of the anti-capitalist protesters who occupied the wrong building in Pall Mall. 

And your long piece for this week is this excellent 3,600 word article by economist David K Levine: ‘The Keynesian Illusion‘.  

Dr Patrick Basham is coming to Australia to talk about how the Nanny State is bad for taxpayers, public health and your freedoms. There are still a few places left at the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance event in Sydney on 26 March which is now free for IPA members. Book here. And a few tickets remain for the IPA event in Melbourne on 24 March. Book here.  

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:


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