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March 26, 2015

From James Paterson

A few weeks ago in Hey we said we hoped you weren’t looking for a job. This week we hope you aren’t looking for a house:

The chart is from an upcoming publication by the IPA’s Dr Mikayla Novak. If you want to know how to fix unaffordable housing, read Mikayla’s article in The Canberra Times¬†from November last year.

On Tuesday at the IPA Dr Patrick Basham from the Democracy Institute in Washington D.C explained that the Nanny State is all about rich people finding poor people distasteful. Watch Dr Basham’s full address here:

And if you’re free in Sydney tonight make sure you join Dr Basham with our friends from the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance at the Occidental Hotel from 6pm. Details here.

Already almost 3,000 people have watched Dr Arthur Laffer’s speech to the IPA last week – if you’re not one of them, click here. You can also watch the excellent Q&A that followed with Dr Laffer, John Roskam and new Quadrant editor John O’Sullivan.

At least one politician has taken Dr Laffer’s message to heart. In the Senate on Tuesday Senator Bob Day called for the introduction of a flat tax, and explained why it would increase government revenues.

One thing that won’t generate more revenues – or growth – is an attack on international corporate tax competition. The IPA’s Professor Sinclair Davidson takes the OECD to task for promoting this approach…on the OECD’s own blog.

The IPA is hosting Treasurer Joe Hockey for a speech to IPA members in Melbourne on Tuesday about how tax reform can help secure Australia’s future prosperity. RSVP here.

We’ve all heard the one about 97% of scientists and climate change. So you’re ready next time you receive a lecture about it, read this excellent article by Professor Richard Tol from The Australian yesterday.

And this is a great story – Thomas Piketty’s inequality thesis started to unravel thanks to a 459-word blog comment at 2.45am by a 26 year old graduate student.

Former Canadian conservative leader Preston Manning, founder of the Reform Party and mentor to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, is speaking in Sydney next month as a guest of The Australian Business Executive magazine. More details available here.

If you’re 25 or under and not yet a member of the IPA – or know someone who is – tomorrow is your last chance to enter the draw to win lunch with Andrew Bolt and John Roskam. Sign up for just $22 for your chance to win, and all the other benefits of IPA membership.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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