Feeding your kids increases inequality too

May 7, 2015

From James Paterson

We’re constantly being told we all need to pay our “fair share” of tax. The IPA’s Professor Sinclair Davidson has crunched the numbers. What’s fair about the top 25% of income earners paying nearly 70% of income tax?

This is a big call – but we may have found the craziest idea ever promoted by the ABC. If you read your kids bedtime stories you’re a bad person responsible for entrenching inequality. It shouldn’t be necessary, but the IPA’s Hannah Pandel explains on FreedomWatch why this is such a terrible idea.

Everyone here at the IPA will miss Greens Leader Christine Milne. We’re so sad about her retirement we prepared her this special farewell message.

Bad news everybody – we’ve missed the deadline to save the world from global warming no less than 9 times. I guess that’s it then.

Spare a thought for the team at the City of Melbourne. This week it emerged they had spent $1.5m on an advertising campaign which has so far been watched by 1,150 people, or $1,304 per view. But to be fair to them, who would have thought it was a bad idea to fly a celebrity hypnotist from the UK to Melbourne to hypnotise hipsters and then film them having a fun night out?

Polls open in the UK in just a few hours. If you’re just tuning in, CapX has this helpful primer. The Guardian has this incredible interactive map of all 650 seats and which way they’re likely to fall. And Standpoint explains who will really be running the show if Ed Miliband is Prime Minister.

One election you might have missed this week was in Alberta, Canada, where the conservative government was thrown out on Tuesday after 43 years in government. The National Post has a helpful 10-step guide on how the Progressive Conservatives lost power. In The Spectator Australia, Jim Allan suggests there might possibly be some parallels for Australia.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week: 

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