The government wants to get inside the minds of chickens

June 4, 2015

From Peter Gregory

Magna Carta set the foundation for Australia’s parliamentary democracy. On 15 June 2015, its 800th anniversary, the IPA is releasing a new book – Magna Carta: The Tax Revolt that gave us Liberty by Chris Berg and John Roskam.

If you can’t wait until then, here are the best 3 articles on Magna Carta at the moment:

And here are the pick of Magna Carta events coming up around the country:

  • ‘Magna Carta: Celebrating 800 years of Law and Liberty’, The Centre for Independent Studies, June 15, Sydney. Details here.
  • Tasmanian Parliament Magna Carta celebrations, June 16, Hobart. Details here.
  • ‘Magna Carta: How relevant to Australia and human rights?’, June 15, Canberra. Details here. (This one features Gillian Triggs!)

But was it worth it? What have the heirs of Runnymede done this week?

The ACCC are forcing free range chickens to go outside – even though, as ex-vet Senator David Leyonhjelm informed them, a quarter of chickens don’t like going outside! Click here and scroll down to the bottom of page 98 to read this incredible exchange.

This is the same ACCC that have nothing better to do than print “Do not knock” stickers as John Roskam wrote in the AFR in 2013.

ASIC plans on criminalising culture as Simon Breheny wrote in The Australian Financial Review today. This is the same ASIC that was censoring Australian websites as Chris Berg wrote in The Drum in 2013.

Meet Bernie Sanders. He’s a socialist who’s running for the Democratic presidential nomination. He thinks some people are poor because some other people use 23 types of deodorant. So that’s good. If you, like me, get bailed up by this argument at parties, the Foundation for Economic Education has provided this 3-step guide to responding.

If that reminds you of the times you’re the only IPA member in the room, you’ll enjoy our latest meme – that awkward moment when you realise you’re the only one in the room NOT an IPA member.

You can chalk up another victory for the IPA. A day after my scathing FreedomWatch post about FIFA, Sepp Blatter resigned. You’re welcome. Dan Hannan said Blatter was a typical Davos Man in CapX on Monday.

Last month we told you how the ABC reported that reading bedtime stories to children entrenches inequality. Last week, The Guardian reported that erasers teach children to be ashamed of failure.

The NBA finals start tomorrow with Australians on both teams. The WSJ said on Monday that every team in the NBA needs an Australian.

For some long reading this week, Chris Berg has a fascinating 21-page journal article on the history of classical liberal thought in the Australian economics profession in the latest edition of Econ Journal Watch.

The University of Notre Dame and the Mannkal Economic Education Foundation are holding a 1-day conference called ‘Freedom to Choose: God and the Market’ on Friday 17th July in Fremantle. Details and booking here.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week: 

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