Politicians are lining up for the tax Buffett

July 30, 2015

From James Paterson | Thursday, 30 July 2015

If politicians are genuinely concerned about the increasing ‘cost of living’ then there’s one easy fix: cut taxes. As new research from the IPA’s Dr Mikayla Novak shows, just one tax – income tax – takes up more of the family budget than food and other major household expenses:

And as Mikayla explained on FreedomWatch on Tuesday, politicians should also steer well clear of the “Buffett tax“.

They could also liberalise land-use regulations. Maybe then the average house in Sydney would be cheaper than one in the Hamptons.

Unreconstructed Trotskyite” Jeremy Corbyn probably won’t be the next leader of UK Labour – but he is in with a serious shot. The Spectator tries to predict how his leadership would fare. In The Telegraph on Tuesday, Oliver Cooper warned Tories not to get too excited. On the upside, Corbyn has spawned this amusing mock Twitter profile.

And speaking of socialists a heartbeat away from leading a major political party, this piece in The Atlantic yesterday explains why Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is giving Hillary Clinton a run for her money. There’s hope for you yet, Tanya.

This is a powerful piece of research from our friends at the Cato Institute, on how capitalism is breaking down India’s discriminatory caste system.

Democrats in the US have launched a war on Uber and the sharing economy. In New York, Uber is winning – at least for now, as City Journal explains.

A new documentary, to be released in America on Friday, revives the epic TV debates between Gore Vidal and William F. Buckley Jr. during the contentious Democratic and Republican conventions in 1968. This review in The New York Times last week argues they were the forerunner for modern talking head TV debates. Watch one of their most contentious exchanges on the Vietnam War here.

On Monday the IPA will be hosting the Melbourne launch of Greg Sheridan’s new book with Michael Kroger – RSVP here. And if you’re in Brisbane, join John Roskam for the launch there on Monday 24 August.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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